Microsoft announce that they stop new updates of window XP after April 2014. This is happen due to less demand of window 7 and window 8 in domestic and professional sectors. After April 2014 they will not provide any kind of security for window XP users. The people who use windowXP have some few option if they change their window, first is window 7 and second is window 8. Window vista is also an option but its speed are slow and not good for user interface. Another option for those people who don’t choose window and goes with mackintosh (Apple operating system) or Linux (Open Source Operating System).


After work with XP which operating system is good for their work Window 7 or 8? These each operating system have some benefits and limitation. Let we compare on both windows: -

1.Easy to Use: – Window 7 is easy to use because it is user interface is quite similar of window XP like start button, start menu, desktop, taskbar and power button are same as window XP. But when use Window 8 it completely different to other operating system user interface. Start button and start menu is completely hidden in desktop and power button is change their location. It is quite difficult as compare with window 7 or XP.

2. Popularity: – Window7 is most popular if we compare with window 8 because is similar of windows older version and it is easy and fast. This edition of window is secure. On the other hand people have less interest in window 8. It is different for normal operating systems and suitable for tablets and other mobile devices. For increase their popularity Microsoftupgrade their window in less amount but no effect for this.

3. Software Support: – Mostly software’s which run in window XP are also run in window 7 but in window 8, older software are not work. This software can run in compatibility mode but mostly users are not aware about it and face difficulties in setting.

4. Applications: – If you Use Applications then window 8 loved you. This contain all features of tablets and smartphones which is used for using application. It is very easy to download and install application in your operating system. Mostly children are like this kind of application which contain different types of games and application.

5. Depend on Work: – if you use laptops, tablets, mobile devices then window 8 is easy and perfect for their work. Those people who like touch base systems and like to work with application window 8 Is perfect operating systems. On the other hand those people who work in offices or Home they like window 7.

6. Security: – For Window 8 Microsoft re developed their anti-virus software “window defender”. This antivirus is provide security for any other antivirus which is available in market and no need of any other antivirus. Internet explorer 10 is come with window 8 which is secure to their older version.

7. Which is Perfect for Future: – Window 8 is perfect operating system for using now and have a bright future because mobile device is a future and Microsoft tried they have fight in market. This window 8 is a hybrid interface and so many work are put in this window. Those people use window 7 will come after sometime when new devices and technology introduced in market.

Window 8 is the latest operating system and their newest version 8.1 may come in October 2013.   

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